An Industry Leader Specializing in Large Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs and Manufacturing. 

Our Company

Service Hydraulics, Inc. has been built on the principles of producing the highest quality of products while providing our valued customers with the attention and dedication they deserve. Our dedicated team has a combined industry experience of over 140 years, providing the knowledge and experience needed to assist our clients with their most demanding needs.

With over 30 years of experience in the Hydraulic Cylinder field, the President of Service Hydraulics, Al Lakin, has built a strong reputation for treating customers with respect, and providing fast, professional service of the highest caliber. With the acquisition of equipment over the past 12 years, Service Hydraulics has expanded to include:

  • Hydraulic repair and refurbishment
  • Re-bushing of booms
  • Large Cylinder repair
  • Deep Hole Boring & Honing
Service Hydraulics technicians and highly experienced machinists provide professional, comprehensive cylinder repair work for large and small cylinders.

With experience in construction, material handling,  and other heavy-load hydraulic cylinder applications, the Service Hydraulics team members combine to put their skills and knowledge to work on your projects. We can also develop suggestions to enhance the service life of your hydraulic cylinders which means less downtime, better performance and lower maintenance costs for you!

Here's what your Service Hydraulics team does for your hydraulic cylinder repair needs:

DIAGNOSTICS - Our technicians analyze factors contributing to hydraulic cylinder breakdowns and failures, and deliver hydraulic engineering solutions that result in fixing the root causes, not just the worn or broken parts.

TESTING - When your cylinder repairs are complete, Service Hydraulics load tests the equipment to make certain the damaged units are back to full performance. All hydraulic cylinder repair work is fully tested to the specified operating pressure.

WARRANTY - We cover our hydraulic cylinder repairs with a full warranty.

Comprehensive work - at whatever level you need. Service Hydraulics recognizes all customer requirements are not the same. For that reason, we offer levels of repair service to accommodate your individual needs.